Willoughby and Pajon win final UCI BMX Supercross World Cup race in Chula Vista.


Phillips and Buchanan grab 2014 overall World Cup titles.

Chula Vista, California. Saturday 27 September 2014. The last race of the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup is done and dusted and it couldn’t have happened in a better way. In front of the eyes of the pioneers of the sport it was Sam Willoughby (AUS) and Mariana Pajon (COL) who grabbed the wins at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. The overall titles went to Liam Phillips (GBR) and Caroline Buchanan (AUS) who came to the final race as series leaders.

The title for Liam Phillips did not come easy. In fact, Liam did not make it to the main event. In the quarter finals the Brit did lowres_20140928_014748-event_ChulaDnot make it through. “I was in lane two next to Corben Sharrah (USA) who had a great start as did David Herman (USA) on the outside and got into some traffic going into turn one. Then Kyle Evans (GBR) overshot the first jump on the second straight and crashed, which I avoided together with Sylvain Andre (FRA). We then touched and I went down and that was it.” said Phillips. At that moment the series leader panicked a little as title contender Anthony Dean (AUS) was still in the race. Liam: “The whole objective coming into this race was to win the overall title and end the race the same way I’ve ridden the whole season and end the season with a podium.” That plan was over when Phillips was eliminated of the race and Dean transfered to the semi final. Calculations were made quickly and for the Australian to win the title he had to win the race. Pressure was on and got to Dean in the semi final where the race stopped for him after a hard fought battle with Barry Nobles (USA) on the rhythm session. A relief for Liam Phillips because Anthony’s crash meant the 2014 overall title was his.

The Men final was won by Australian Sam Willoughby who had been ill all week leading up to the race. The goal was still to lowres_20140928_020410-event_ChulaDwin the race and Sam was delighted he pulled it off. Willoughby: “This track is so long and challenging which adds another variable to it. This track is as big as it gets, it’s so gnarly but it’s what we train for.” Second place was for local Nic Long (USA) who scored his first World Cup podium of 2014 on his home track. Third place went to an emotional Carlos Ramirez (COL). It was his first World Cup Supercross podium.

The level of the women riding BMX supercross is incredible. The progression they’ve made over the years is truely amazing. America’s Alise Post’s comeback after an early season injury in nothing short of impressive and she got in the lead together with Mariana Pajon going into the first turn. On the second straight the battle continued as points leader Caroline Buchanan sneaked into third place. The rhythm section is Mariana’s favourite part of the track and that’s where she took off from Post. Alise actually lost momentum in the rollers and Buchanan passed her for second place. The hug between race winner Pajon and overall World Cup winner Buchanan was a nice way to end a great season.

lowres_20140927_234228-event_ChulaGSX sports director Johan Lindstrom commented on the 2014 BMX Supercross World Cup season: “With the different stops we’ve had this season it brings forward the most consistent and talented riders. With Liam Phillips and Caroline Buchanan we have two overall winners who can ride tight indoor tracks, handle rain and windy conditions, ride traditional supercross tracks and big burly tracks like this one in Chula Vista. They are the true champions.”


Men: Willoughby S (AUS) 38.009 1, Long N (USA) +0.590 2, Ramirez Yepez CA (COL) +0.672 3, van Gendt T (NED) +1.458 4, Sharrah C (USA) +3.017 5, Posey J (USA) +4.698 6, Herman D (USA) +22.817 7, Garcia J (USA) DNF 8,

Women: Pajon M (COL) 37.981 1, Buchanan C (AUS) +0.933 2, Post A (USA) +1.545 3, Hernandez S (VEN) +2.383 4, Smulders L (NED) +2.637 5, George D (USA) +2.783 6, Valentino M (FRA) +7.522 7, Reynolds L (AUS) DNF 8,

SX WC Standings:

MEN: Phillips L (GBR) 1 710, Dean A (AUS) 2 610, van Gendt T (NED) 3 570, Sharrah C (USA) 4 550, Fields C (USA) 5 545, Daudet J (FRA) 6 530, Rezende R (BRA) 7 510, Garcia J (USA) 8 465,
WOMEN: Buchanan C (AUS) 1 925, Pajon M (COL) 2 760, Smulders L (NED) 3 725, Hernandez S (VEN) 4 725, Crain B (USA) 5 670, Stancil F (USA) 6 605, Valentino M (FRA) 7 595, McLeod M (AUS) 8 475

Watch all of the racing coverage from this weekend here on bmxlive.tv

Fastest Time Trial laps for Fields and Pajon at final World Cup round in Chula Vista

Fields and Pajon on the podium in Chula Vista

Chula Vista, CA. Friday 26 September 2014. The final round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Chula Vista kicked off today with the Time Trials finals and the qualification races. Under sunny conditions Connor Fields (USA) and Mariana Pajon (COL) put in the fastest laps on a track that had big jumps and was a challenge for everyone who had not ridden it before.

Connor Fields (USA) on the track in Chula Vista

The incredible US Olympic training center in Chula Vista hosted the last race of the season and prepared the track nicely. Jeremy Rommel (USA) was one of the top qualifier in the Men class along with David Herman (USA) and Sam Willoughby (AUS) who looked strong out there all day. They’ll be meeting up with the top 16 in the overall standings and fill up the 64 men deep racing program. Alise Post (USA), Dani George (USA) and Lauren Reynolds (AUS) did win their three qualifying motos or got second and qualified highest out of all girls who entered the qualifying race.
Things got exciting when the top ranked UCI BMX SX World Cup riders lined up for their Time Trials finals to show who could set the fastest time on the London Olympics replica track. Jared Garcia (USA) and Corben Sharrah (USA) showed their smoothness on the track but it was Connor Fields who used home advantage to win it.

Fields was pumped on the win in front of his home crowd. He explains: “The key to Time Trials is minimizing mistakes and on a big and gnarly track like this one it’s about who handles it the best way. It’s definitely a whole different ballgame compared to some of the smaller tracks we race” said the winner. He continued: “It’s about mental preparation and minimizing mistakes.”

Felicia Stancil (USA) set a quick lap early on in the women class and sat in the hot seat until Mariana Pajon got on the track. pajon chula ttPajon mentioned that she really likes riding rhythm sections and believes the third straight was where she made up time against her competition to win the time trials today. She likes the track because she has good memories on the London track where she won the Gold medal. Although not in the title hunt she is really looking forward to the actual race tomorrow.

Racing tomorrow starts at 1pm (PST).

Men Time Trials results:
1 P 11 FIELDS Connor USA 38.142 0.000
2 P 187 GARCIA Jared USA 38.266 +0.124
3 P 24 SHARRAH Corben USA 38.386 +0.244
4 P 500 REZENDE Renato BRA 38.720 +0.578
5 2 NYHAUG Tory CAN 38.731 +0.589
6 P 65 PHILLIPS Liam GBR 38.912 +0.770
7 P 148 van GENDT Twan NED 38.921 +0.779
8 P 95 NOBLES Barry USA 39.136 +0.994
9 P 39 ANDRE Sylvain FRA 39.284 +1.142
10 P 121 van der BIEZEN Raymon NED 39.685 +1.543
11 P 33 DAUDET Joris FRA 39.813 +1.671
12 P 211 EVANS Kyle GBR 39.814 +1.672
13 P 279 JONES Trent NZL 40.571 +2.429
14 P 144 DEAN Anthony AUS 40.846 +2.704
15 P 777 WILLERS Marc NZL 41.032 +2.890
16 P 37 van GORKOM Jelle NED 41.046 +2.904

Women Time Trials results:
1 P 100 PAJON Mariana COL 38.182 0.000
2 P 23 STANCIL Felicia USA 38.441 +0.259
3 P 110 SMULDERS Laura NED 39.106 +0.924
4 P 32 CRAIN Brooke USA 39.247 +1.065
5 P 469 HERNANDEZ Stefany VEN 40.371 +2.189
6 P 68 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 42.399 +4.217
7 P 971 VALENTINO Manon FRA 42.888 +4.706
8 P 555 McLEOD Melinda AUS 45.432 +7.250

Photo finish declares Strombergs the winner in Argentina

20140907_214359-event_BMX-ArgPajon wins women final at UCI BMX Supercross World Cup round four.

Sunday 7 September 2014. (Santiago del Estero, Argentina). BMX Supercross racing was nothing short of spectacular in Santiago Del Estero when the qualified riders got to line up on the gate at round four of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series. Two time Olympic gold medalist Maris Strombergs (LAT) edged out series leader Liam Phillips (GBR) at the finish line by only a few inches for the win. Under perfect weather conditions and in front of a sold out crowd, Mariana Pajon (COL) crossed the finish line in first in the women final and moved up to 5th place in the standings.

A few modifications had been made to the track in Argentina since the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series was in town at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Santiago Del Estero, Argentina.last year. The first jump got a little bigger and in general the track was smooth, had a long and wide first straight and the turns were big. Passing was a possibility anywhere on the track and that’s what the crowd got to see. Liam Phillips (GBR) and Tory Nyhaug (CAN) took care of some excitement in their first moto when Tory’s rear wheel slipped in the first turn and Liam could not avoid him and went down as well. Both high ranked riders scored well enough in the remaining two qualifying heats to move on to the quarter finals, and later the final race of the day.

Unfortunately for the home crowd Gonzalo Molina (ARG), Lucas Bustos (ARG) and favourite Frederico Villegas (ARG) did not make it out of their quarter finals. But in their defense, the level in the Men class is incredibly high and both semi finals could have been a final at any race.

Making it through were Connor Fields (USA) who was looking strong all day, Liam Phillips, Renato Rezende (BRA), Anthony Dean (AUS) who was aiming to get closer to Liam Phillips in the overall standings, Maris Strombergs (LAT) who had just won the last UCI SX World Cup round in Berlin, Tory Nyhaug, Van Gorkom (NED) and the ever consistent David Herman (USA).

20140907_194324-event_BMX-ArgThe crowd got on their feet when the Pro-Gate dropped at the green light. On the inside Maris Strombergs wasn’t going to back down with Liam Phillips and Tory Nyhaug getting on his right hand side. In the first left hand 180 degree turn the Latvian made sure his elbow was in front of Liam’s but that wasn’t the end of it. In the second turn you could have thrown a blanket over the top six riders as everyone was looking for an opening to stick their front wheel in. Strombergs was leading the race but felt that Phillips was on his tail. The Brit railed the last turn and started sprinting towards the finish line trying to pass the Olympic champ. A photo finish was needed to see who won. Maris Strombergs got first place, Phillips finished a close second and Tory Nyhaug grabbed third place.

Series leader Caroline Buchanan (AUS) had one thing in mind in Argentina and that was to stay consistent. Her lead in the 20140907_193601-event_BMX-ArgAseries coming into round four was substantial but wrapping up the title in Santiago del Estero was not happening for the Aussie. Alise Post (USA) and Mariana Pajon were looking the fastest on the track all day and they were the ones battling it out in the final. Melinda McLeod (AUS) had an incredible first straight in the final but she had to come from the outside. Post had the inside lane but cased a jump which shot Pajon to the lead. Post then passed McLeod with a classic high low in turn number two but by that time the Colombian rider was gone and crossed the finish line in first. Post followed in second and third went to McLeod. Series leader Buchanan finished 7th.


Liam Phillips and Caroline Buchanan remain the leaders going into the last round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series to be held at Chula Vista, USA on 26-27 September 2014.

Locals Villegas and Diaz show stellar performance in qualifying


20140906_203147-event_BMX-Arg Sunday 7 September 2014. (Santiago del Estero, Argentina). Round four of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup season got underway in Santiago del Estero in front of an enthusiastic Argentinean crowd. Qualifying rounds were followed by the Time Trials superfinals on the wide and flowing track. Winners of the Time Trials superfinals are 2014 World Champion Mariana Pajon (COL) in the women class and Great Britain’s Liam Phillips set the fastest time to grab the first win at World Cup number four.

Under perfect racing conditions most of the favourite riders made it through to the final program on Sunday after racing the three qualification rounds. With the third moto being important for sunday’s gate pick there was no time to slow down for everyone who traveled to South America to race. On the wide open supercross track racing was close all day. Local favourites Gabriella Diaz (ARG) and Frederico Villegas (ARG) both qualified in second making the home town fans happy and wanting for more. Tory Nyhaug (CAN) won all his three motos and was the fastest qualifier on Saturday with a time of 32.548 in his last lap. Jelle van Gorkom (NED) was the third rider in the men category to win all his three heats and qualified in third place. Alise Post (USA) and Gabriela Diaz were the only two women to have victories in all their three qualifying rounds.

MarianaPodium0602-1000The top 16 ranked men and top 8 ranked women in the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup standings qualified straight into Sunday’s program but rode the Time Trials Superfinals on Saturday afternoon. Simone Christensen from Denmark set the first time of the day but was eliminated from the hot seat when Mariana Pajon (COL) finished her lap. The Colombian moved into first place and her time of 34.394 on the women version of the track did not get beat. Caroline Buchanan (AUS) slept in for the day skipping practice and came closest to Mariana’s time to finish second (34.888) and Felicia Stancil (USA) got third. Pajon stated that it wasn’t a perfect lap for her but she likes the way the track flows and is ready to race on it tomorrow.

For a long time double Olympic champion Maris Strombergs (LAT) stayed in the hot seat until Connor Fields (USA) took 

PodiumLiam0609Aover with a time of 31.746. With only one rider to go, the tension was in the air to see if the American would win or not. Liam Phillips (GBR) had shown in Manchester during the first UCI World Cup of the season that he can ride a fast lap, but that was at his home track, and indoors. The conditions in Argentina were a lot different. The Brit was in second going into the second straight and stayed in second place after the second turn. But then he turned it up a notch and finished his lap 0.060 seconds faster than Connor Fields did. The victory was his.

Racing continues in Argentina today and can be followed live at http://www.bmxlive.tv


Men Time Trials finals:
1 P 65 PHILLIPS Liam GBR 31.686 0.000
2 P 11 FIELDS Connor USA 31.746 +0.060
3 P 24 SHARRAH Corben USA 31.894 +0.208
4 P 33 DAUDET Joris FRA 31.925 +0.239
5 P 81 STROMBERGS Maris LAT 32.277 +0.591
6 P 187 GARCIA Jared USA 32.442 +0.756
7 P 500 REZENDE Renato BRA 32.491 +0.805
8 P 148 van GENDT Twan NED 32.494 +0.808

Women Time Trials finals:
1 P 100 PAJON Mariana COL 34.394 0.000
2 P 68 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 34.888 +0.494
3 P 23 STANCIL Felicia USA 35.272 +0.878
4 P 971 VALENTINO Manon FRA 35.343 +0.949
5 P 469 HERNANDEZ Stefany VEN 35.385 +0.991
6 P 32 CRAIN Brooke USA 35.807 +1.413
7 P 110 SMULDERS Laura NED 35.896 +1.502
8 4 CHRISTENSEN Simone DEN 36.044 +1.650

Pictures by Craig Dutton
Traditional podium photos by Jerry Landrum

Buchanan and Strombergs take on technical Mellowpark BMX Supercross track

First German UCI BMX Supercross World Cup wrapped up.

The top three men take the podium after the UCI BMX SX World Cup Finals in Berlin, Germany

For the first time in BMX Supercross history, the fastest BMX riders on earth traveled to Berlin, Germany for a World Cup round. In ‘on and off’ weather conditions, it was a challenge to get the race finished as the rain put some delay on the original program. The day started off in bright weather and the qualification rounds showed close and aggressive racing at the one-of-a-kind BMX Supercross track at Mellowpark.

Many top favorites were eliminated in the qualification rounds of the Men’s class making the final an unexpected mix with riders from seven different countries. Maris Strombergs proved to be in amazing shape on his first race back on the Supercross track and used his first straight power to get out in front and never looked back to take the win.

“The main reason I’m here is that this is the first qualification race on our way to Rio and obviously I want to be there as it’s high on my mind. I really want to go to the World Cup in Argentina too because I like that track,” said the rider from Latvia, who now resides in California. He continued: “I was looking forward to come here but I did not know what to expect. I had high expectations and right from the first practice I felt I could win the whole race.”

Red Bull athlete Twan van Gendt from the Netherlands finished second in the finals and was following Maris to the finish line, trying not to make any mistakes and satisfied with second place points. Twan finished right in front of Frenchman Joris Daudet, who rounded up the podium in Berlin. Because of the podium spot, Daudet moved up to second place in the 2014 World Cup Supercross standings sitting behind leader Liam Phillips (GBR) and right in front of Australian Anthony Dean.

2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Mariana Pajon (COL) got the holeshot in the women final and was chased by seven women around the track. Right behind her was current UCI World Champion Caroline Buchanan (AUS) who used all the tricks of the trade possible to have an advantage over the competition.
“I’m glad we came here early with the Australian team to get some extra practice in. I had three moves lined up if I didn’t get the holeshot,” said an exhausted Buchanan. She continued: “I was a bit too far behind Mariana Pajon to do the first two but the last move was in the last flat turn which not a lot of girls would do. My mountain bike experience surely helped there.”  The Australian swapped spot two for the lead on the last straight and crossed the finish line in first place.

Mariana Pajon (COL) finished second, followed by Manon Valentino from France, who managed to hold off Stephany Hernandez (VEN) on the last straight to grab the last podium spot. Buchanan is leading the World Cup standings with 605 points with two more races on the program.

Next UCI BMX Supercross World Cup round will take place in Argentina.

Berlin Results, Men:
1       81      STROMBERGS Maris        LAT     6       37.404
2       148     VAN GENDT Twan  NED     1       37.999
3       33      DAUDET Joris    FRA     2       38.269
4       24      SHARRAH Corben  USA     4       38.499
5       500     REZENDE Renato  BRA     7       38.744
6       211     EVANS Kyle      GBR     8       48.536
7       187     GARCIA Jared    USA     3     DNF
8       593     CAMPO Alfredo   ECU     5      DNF

Berlin Results, Women:
1       1       BUCHANAN Caroline       AUS     2       32.521
2       100     PAJON Mariana   COL     1       32.649
3       971     VALENTINO Manon         FRA     4       33.536
4       469     HERNANDEZ Stefany       VEN     3       33.575
5       110     SMULDERS Laura  NED     5       34.294
6       555     MCLEOD Melinda  AUS     8       34.647
7       23      STANCIL Felicia         USA     6       35.282
8       210     CHRISTENSEN Simone      DEN     7       35.565

2014 UCI SX World Cup Ranking, Women:
1       BUCHANAN Caroline       AUS     605     225     1       155     4       225     1
2       SMULDERS Laura   NED     495     125     7       225     1       145     5
3       HERNANDEZ Stefany    VEN     485     165     3       165     3       155     4

2014 UCI SX World Cup Ranking, Men:
1       PHILLIPS Liam  GBR     455     225     1       165     3       65      17
2       DAUDET Joris     FRA     415     125     7       125     7       165     3
3       DEAN Anthony     AUS     405     195     2       155     4       55      25

Treimanis and Buchanan set fastest times on radical Supercross track at Mellowpark

Qualifying and Time Trials day finished up; World Cup #3 Final racing today

#127 Edzus Treimanis  (LAT) and #1 Caroline Buchanan (AUS) are the Men's and Women's winners of the time trial at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Berlin, Germany.

#127 Edzus Treimanis (LAT) & #1 Caroline Buchanan (AUS) are the Men’s and Women’s winners of the Time Trials in Berlin, Germany.

14 June 2014. Berlin, Germany. The amazing Mellowpark in Berlin, Germany is the location of the third round of the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series. Friday, 120 men and 35 women raced for a qualifying spot for Saturday’s main program while the top 16 qualified men and top 8 qualified women raced the Supercross Time Trials finals.

Under changing weather conditions the day got underway with the qualifying motos. Looking good in the Men’s category were two times Olympic Champion Maris Strombergs (LAT), Bodi Turner (AUS) and Nic Long (USA) who each won all three of their qualifying rounds. Looking hot in the Women’s qualifying rounds were Lauren Reynolds, who had spent some weeks on the road in Europe with the Australian team, Merle van Benthem (NED) and Melinda McLeod (AUS), who qualified with ease on a track that has a wooden first straight, many hips, an over-under section and the biggest BMX supercross starting hill on earth.

At the end of the day, the Time Trials Superfinals took place with the pre-qualified racers who took on the challenge to set the fastest lap on the track at the Mellowpark. At this point the sun had come out for some exciting BMX racing.

Edzus Treimanis was happy he had his transponder on his bike as he set the fastest time of the day. “The track is really fun. I was motivated

#127 Edzus Treimanis (LAT) wowing the crowds during the Time Trial races in the third round of the UCI BMX SX World Cup

#127 Edzus Treimanis (LAT) wowing the crowds during the Time Trial races in the third round of the UCI BMX SX World Cup

to prove that I can set the fastest time and I did it,” the rider from Latvia said with a smile. Edzus continued, “I can’t wait to race the track tomorrow. I think it will be different with more riders onthe track. The first straight is wide and long. Being in front in the first turn and not making any mistakes afterwards will be important.”

Australian Caroline Buchanan proved she’s the girl to beat, winning her second Time Trial event in a row. “When I was younger I used to hang out at the skate park a lot which helped me today racing this track. Also Barry Nobles helps me a lot getting better on the bike and pushed me to learn backflips in the foam. This track is about bike control.” 

#1 Caroline Buchanan smiles for the camera after a winning performance in Mellowpark for the Women's Time Trials

#1 Caroline Buchanan (AUS) smiles for the camera after a winning performance in Mellowpark for the Women’s Time Trial

The Australian has been on a trip through Europe for a few weeks riding different tracks and feels a bit tired. “I’m exhausted but moments like these make you stronger. I don’t want to sit on that plane back home for 32 hours thinking I did not do my best.” 

The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup continues Saturday, June 14th with full gates lining up on that 10 meter high starting hill in Berlin.

Watch it live on www.BMX-Live.tv

Dutch home favorite Laura Smulders takes victory in the rain, Sam Willoughby wins Men’s event

Wet conditions but hot racing in Papendal.

PAPENDAL, The Netherlands. 11 May 2014- 
When the qualified riders lined up for Sunday’s main event at the second round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, there were only stacked races on the gate. The stand-outs from the day before included Sam Willoughby (AUS) and Twan van Gendt (NED) and those two riders were exactly the ones who delivered an amazing final race that got the crowd on its feet.

Only moments before the men’s final, Laura Smulders (NED) started the good vibes in the stands by winning the women’s race, beating the likes of Felicia Stancil (USA) and Stephany Hernandez (VEN),  who returned to the World Cup podium for the second time this year.


Stancil, Smulders and Hernandez celebrate on the podium after placing in the final race of the 2014 UCI BMX SX World Cup in Papendal

Like Saturday, the weather created difficulties. The rainy conditions sent the track crew into overdrive to get the water off of the track and start ramp and to make the conditions for the riders as ideal as possible. Team mechanics also had their work cut out for them preparing the bikes, using special techniques to keep rear tires dry until the last moment when the riders got on the gate. Even tear-offs were used on riders’ Oakley goggles to ensure the best and clearest vision possible. The situation wasn’t ideal, but it was the same for all competitors. The best part was that the event was able to continue and the racing didn’t suffer from the circumstances.

When the gate dropped for the final race in the women’s class, Mariana Pajon (COL) and Caroline Buchanan (AUS) looked strong on the inside. It was Laura Smulders (NED), however, who grabbed the hole-shot coming into the first turn, much to the delight of the Dutch crowd. The Leatt rider didn’t start as strongly earlier in the day, but continued to build momentum and wasn’t going to give up her first place position during the final.

After winning the Time Trials final in Manchester during the first round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, Smulders was even happier with this win: “Manchester felt good, but this one is so much better beating all the best girls in the world in an actual race- especially in this home race with friends and family watching in the stands.” She continued: “I was a little bit scared of the heavy wind today because when you’re in the air and the wind blows you sideways, it’s not what you want to happen but it all worked out well today.”

American Felicia Stancil got in the two-spot and kept that place until the finish line to land her first Supercross podium of the year. A battle between Caroline Buchanan (AUS) and Stephany Hernandez (VEN) started on the second straight and lasted until the end of the final, with Hernandez grabbing third place.


Willoughby finishing strongly during the Men’s Finals of the second round of the 2014 UCI BMX World Cup

When the Pro-Gate dropped for the final race of the 8 fastest men of the day, power-houses Liam Phillips (GBR), Twan van Gendt (NED), Anthony Dean (AUS) and Sam Willoughby (AUS) quickly broke away from the other four riders. Phillips and van Gendt, both of whom started the race on the outside, entered the first turn side by side battling for an early lead. The already enthusiastic crowd cheered louder as van Gendt pulled ahead of Phillips, who was then followed by the two Australian riders Willoughby, who was steadily advancing, and Dean.

By the rhythm section on the third straight, Willoughby had already overtaken Phillips and was shortening van Gendt’s lead. Willoughby managed to pull ahead by taking the inside on the last turn, but van Gendt countered with a high-low. The last straight, however, proved difficult for van Gendt as his legs fatigued, and Phillips was gaining on his position. Sam Willoughby crossed the finish line in first place, followed by Twan van Gendt, who was  just able to hold off a charging Phillips.

Get the full racing results by visiting the UCI BMX Supercross website via the links below.

Men’s Final Race Results

Women’s Final Race Results

Round two of the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series is in the books and will go down in the history book as one of the toughest SX races of all times. Next one up: Berlin, Germany, June 13-14, 2014.


Joris Daudet and Caroline Buchanan take the Time Trial wins in rainy Holland

Day one of second round of UCI BMX Supercross World Cup finished in rainy conditions

caroline buchannan, round 2 2014

World Champion Caroline Buchanan (AUS) finishes first for the women in Time Trial finals at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Papendal

PAPENDAL, Netherlands. 10 May, 2014- With the entire BMX Elite present at the Olympic Training grounds in the Netherlands for the second round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, the original program had to be changed early in the day due to rainy and wet weather conditions. With the second practice moved to the afternoon, riders waited for a dry moment to get back on the track. In addition to the extra training session, the qualification motos and Time Trial finals were also on the schedule for Saturday. A close watch of the weather forecast was kept all day to see when the racing could take place.

This year the World Cup in Papendal includes more than the BMX SX racing action and has grown into a bike festival event. There were many cycling-related activities throughout the day and many sponsors had booths and tents displaying their latest products. This kept crowds entertained while waiting for the sky to clear, which it did towards the end of the day to the delight of fans in attendance and the riders who traveled from all around the world to compete in Papendal.

The qualifying through motos were well received by both the riders and the public. It gave the current men’s top 16 riders three motos to qualify in the top 48. The women had to make it to the top 24 in three races to join Sunday’s pre-qualified top eight. The racing at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup events is spectacular to say the least, and Saturday’s performances were no exception. The wet turns kept riders on their toes, as staying upright was important to advance to the main program on Sunday. Twan van Gendt (NED), Sam Willoughby (AUS) and Niek Kimmann (NED) were the top qualifiers with three wins each. With five Dutch riders in the top seven, it seems the home track played in the favor of the local male riders. Merle van Benthem (NED) was the top qualifier in the women’s class, making the qualifying process a success for the “Orange Army”.

The top 16 riders in the men’s class and top 8 finishers in the women’s class from the first World Cup round in Manchester, England, got to ride a single-lap Time Trial final. The women were up first with Laura Smulders (NED) in the hot seat the longest, setting a time of 39.185 seconds. American Brooke Crain came close to beating her with a time of 40.149 but with only one rider to go, it was World Champion Caroline Buchanan (AUS) who managed to beat Smulders’ time by just .019 seconds with a smooth run of 39.166.

Buchanan explained: “Today was probably the longest day I’ve spent at a BMX track but the show went on which was good for the athletes who traveled from all over the world but also the organizers. The track held up fine and tomorrow seems like it’s going to be a good day.” When asked if she was nervous being the last rider up and having to beat a fast time, she said: “I was a little bit nervous because I was eyeing up the triple and watched the wind and chose lane six, which seemed to have the driest lane on the track, and it worked out.”

Joris_Daudet, round2, 2014

France’s Joris Daudet takes the Men’s Time Trial win in Papendal for the second round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup

In the men’s class, several riders sat in the hot seat after setting the fastest time on the Papendal track. Edzus Treimanis (LAT) had the fastest time for a long period, but was unfortunately disqualified due to not having his transponder attached to his bike. It was a disappointment for the rider from Latvia, but it moved Joris Daudet of France up one spot. The Time Trials win was his, beating Liam Phillips’ time by 0.180 seconds. The Brit got second and Time Trials World Champion Connor Fields (USA) clocked the third fastest time. After a long day of waiting, Joris Daudet was happy with the win and is looking forward to tomorrow’s racing for the fans.

Click the links below to view all of the men’s and women’s Time Trial results:

Men’s Final Time Trial Results

Women’s Final Time Trial Results

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Hometown Hero Liam Phillips wins first BMX Supercross World Cup of the 2014 season

Hometown hero Liam Phillips  wins first BMX Supercross World Cup of the 2014 season

Caroline Buchanan gets a win on her Supercross comeback

#1 (PHILLIPS Liam) GBR wins the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester

#1 (PHILLIPS Liam) GBR wins the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester

MANCHESTER, England, April 19, 2014 The stands filled up quickly at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, England which hosted the first UCI BMX Supercross World Cup race of the 2014 season. The impressive indoor BMX arena saw home favorite Liam Phillips win the Men’s class and Caroline Buchanan (AUS) get first in the Women’s category in front of a packed house.

The first World Cup started off spectacular with stacked races on Saturday evening April 19th. Racing was close and things could go either way for the 8 riders who lined up on the gate. One rider stood out and had a big crowd behind him cheering him on. Liam Phillips was the man to beat. The Brit won the World Cup race last year and had not lost a lap. After winning the time trials the day before he repeated the win with the other riders trying to beat him. Liam said, “Winning here is so different than winning the Elite Men’s world title in New Zealand. That was amazing, but this is different, a lot more emotional. There was a lot more pressure and when you actually deliver, it just feels amazing.” The happy Brit continued, “I was drawn in a strong moto against Kurt Pickard, but it got me in a winning routine and I could stick to it ‘til the end.”

Powerhouse Anthony Dean from Australia was riding strong all night and crossed the finish line in second place ahead of Tory Hyhaug from Canada making it an international podium in England. Liam will be racing the entire World Cup season and is the man to beat at this point as he is aiming for the overall title in 2014.

Caroline Buchanan at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester

Caroline Buchanan at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester

“Winning never gets boring, it’s always a challenge, that’s why,” said Australian Caroline Buchanan after she had wrapped up the first BMX Supercross win of 2014. After a year of absence from the BMX Supercross scene, the Australian is back and has her mind set on the overall title. “There were some nerves because at the beginning of the year you don’t know who did their homework in the off season, but I came prepared. Staying on the bike was important. Some people got hurt, but that’s why we love BMX, otherwise we’d be running in between some white lines or something,” added the Australian who will be racing the full UCI BMX World Cup season this year and who got out in front and stayed out of trouble on the track in Manchester. With her grandmother in the stands it was a nice way back to supercross for the current world champ. Brooke Crain from the USA looked good all evening and jumped the big gaps with style and kept things smooth for the rest of the race to finish second. Stefany Hernandez from Venezuela rounded up the podium with a third place, her first supercross podium. Charlotte Green (ENG) enjoyed the cheering from the stands and almost made it in the top three but a respectable 4th place is how far she got.

The race at the National Cycling Centre was one to remember. It set the bar high for the other races to come. Coming up next: Papendal, Netherlands on May 10-11.

Riders on the first turn at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester

Riders on the first turn at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester

Fans at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester

Fans at the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester


Men Results UCI World Cup race Saturday 19 April 2014

1 1 PHILLIPS Liam GBR 1 28.468
2 144 DEAN Anthony AUS 2 29.121
3 5 NYHAUG Tory CAN 5 29.287
4 127 TREIMANIS Edzus LAT 8 29.536
5 211 EVANS Kyle GBR 4 29.681
6 11 FIELDS Connor USA 6 29.730
7 33 DAUDET Joris FRA 7 29.968
8 777 WILLERS Marc NZL 3 1:06.846

Women Results UCI World Cup race Saturday 19 April 2014

1 1 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 1 32.686
2 32 CRAIN Brooke USA 2 33.057
3 469 HERNANDEZ Stefany VEN 4 33.320
4 101 GREEN Charlotte GBR 8 34.128
5 96 WALKER Sarah NZL 7 34.557
6 105 CORLOBE Pauline FRA 5 34.592
7 110 SMULDERS Laura NED 3 42.033
8 555 MCLEOD Melinda AUS 6 DNF

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