Another double US Victory as Fields and Martin win UCI BMX Supercross in USA

Daudet (FRA) and Walker (NZL) win Supercross World Cup series 2011

Chula Vista, California, 1 October 2011 –The best Elite BMX riders of the world battled it out under the blazing Southern Californian sun to determine the winners of the fourth UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series sponsored by Swatch. Connor Fields (USA) was on fire all weekend and claimed victory. Arielle Martin (USA) won the women’s final.

Drama in men’s final
Conner Fields was the favorite going into the final. He must have felt very confident as he took the lead in the first turn of the final to never look back. That was perfect timing. Because just behind Fields, in that same corner, drama occurred. A big pile up of riders ended the excitement of the final right then and there. Fields stayed ahead on his way to victory and only Raymon van der Biezen (NED) and David Herman (USA) passed the pile of men to claim second and third. With Strombergs (LAT), Van Gorkum (NED), Treimannis (LAT), Long (USA) Barry Nobles (USA) still on the asphalt.

Connor Fields (USA) looked very strong and determined all day and deserved the victory. Yesterday’s time trial winner won all three qualifying mottos and only seemed threatened by 2008 Olympic Champion Maris Strombergs (LAT). Strombergs was definitely back after being out most of the year due to injury. But he crashed. Australian Sam Willoughby was also a force to reckon with. But Willoughby crashed in the semi final and the Australian blamed world champion Joris Daudet (FRA) for that, who also went down in the semi together with Khalen Young (AUS).

Fields was excited. “This feels a hundred times better than I could have ever imagined. Winning a big race like this. Especially after what happened at the World Championships last year in Africa.”

What happened in the first corner? “For the first turn it was my plan to be on the inside and not to hit the brakes. That is what I did. I was not aware on what happened in the fist turn and was not going to look behind me.”

Raymon van der Biezen (NED) had mixed feelings about his silver medal. “After I tough season I am happy to win silver. But it was not as planned. I was in fourth place in that corner. I just missed the crash. I did not know what happened. I thought some guys were still in my back wheel. So kept riding as hard as I could.”

“It is importants for the country’s Olympic ranking and my own qualification. I am really happy about that, but I rather win silver with the whole group on the bike. But that is BMX racing. Finally some luck for me. Good end to the season.”

Arielle Martin finally successful in Chula
Arielle Martin was the fastest out of the gate in the final race of the elite women. She took the first straight and went on to win. The American rider was extremely happy to win a Supercross title in her home country.

“Yeah, no words can describe it. I am pretty thrilled. This is a long time coming ever since this race came I wanted to win it. Last year I came unclipped, or the year before I did not go so great. This year it came together for me. In the final I put my head down. I just battled and came across the second jump and no one was in my field of view. I cut inside into the first corner and I just laughed, laughed out loud until the finish.”

American Brooke Crain won yesterday’s time trials and was second in the finals. “I won silver. I was never was on the podium before. This is really exciting for me. I am really glad that Arielle was the one that beat me. Good to see her do it.”

Men Elite
1 Connor Fields USA
2 Raymon van der Biezen NED
3 David Herman USA

Elite women
1 Arielle Martin USA
2 Brooke Crain USA
3 Marianna Pajon COL

Full results click here. Please select 2011 results, click Chula Vista.


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