Fastest Time Trial laps for Fields and Pajon at final World Cup round in Chula Vista

Fields and Pajon on the podium in Chula Vista

Chula Vista, CA. Friday 26 September 2014. The final round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Chula Vista kicked off today with the Time Trials finals and the qualification races. Under sunny conditions Connor Fields (USA) and Mariana Pajon (COL) put in the fastest laps on a track that had big jumps and was a challenge for everyone who had not ridden it before.

Connor Fields (USA) on the track in Chula Vista

The incredible US Olympic training center in Chula Vista hosted the last race of the season and prepared the track nicely. Jeremy Rommel (USA) was one of the top qualifier in the Men class along with David Herman (USA) and Sam Willoughby (AUS) who looked strong out there all day. They’ll be meeting up with the top 16 in the overall standings and fill up the 64 men deep racing program. Alise Post (USA), Dani George (USA) and Lauren Reynolds (AUS) did win their three qualifying motos or got second and qualified highest out of all girls who entered the qualifying race.
Things got exciting when the top ranked UCI BMX SX World Cup riders lined up for their Time Trials finals to show who could set the fastest time on the London Olympics replica track. Jared Garcia (USA) and Corben Sharrah (USA) showed their smoothness on the track but it was Connor Fields who used home advantage to win it.

Fields was pumped on the win in front of his home crowd. He explains: “The key to Time Trials is minimizing mistakes and on a big and gnarly track like this one it’s about who handles it the best way. It’s definitely a whole different ballgame compared to some of the smaller tracks we race” said the winner. He continued: “It’s about mental preparation and minimizing mistakes.”

Felicia Stancil (USA) set a quick lap early on in the women class and sat in the hot seat until Mariana Pajon got on the track. pajon chula ttPajon mentioned that she really likes riding rhythm sections and believes the third straight was where she made up time against her competition to win the time trials today. She likes the track because she has good memories on the London track where she won the Gold medal. Although not in the title hunt she is really looking forward to the actual race tomorrow.

Racing tomorrow starts at 1pm (PST).

Men Time Trials results:
1 P 11 FIELDS Connor USA 38.142 0.000
2 P 187 GARCIA Jared USA 38.266 +0.124
3 P 24 SHARRAH Corben USA 38.386 +0.244
4 P 500 REZENDE Renato BRA 38.720 +0.578
5 2 NYHAUG Tory CAN 38.731 +0.589
6 P 65 PHILLIPS Liam GBR 38.912 +0.770
7 P 148 van GENDT Twan NED 38.921 +0.779
8 P 95 NOBLES Barry USA 39.136 +0.994
9 P 39 ANDRE Sylvain FRA 39.284 +1.142
10 P 121 van der BIEZEN Raymon NED 39.685 +1.543
11 P 33 DAUDET Joris FRA 39.813 +1.671
12 P 211 EVANS Kyle GBR 39.814 +1.672
13 P 279 JONES Trent NZL 40.571 +2.429
14 P 144 DEAN Anthony AUS 40.846 +2.704
15 P 777 WILLERS Marc NZL 41.032 +2.890
16 P 37 van GORKOM Jelle NED 41.046 +2.904

Women Time Trials results:
1 P 100 PAJON Mariana COL 38.182 0.000
2 P 23 STANCIL Felicia USA 38.441 +0.259
3 P 110 SMULDERS Laura NED 39.106 +0.924
4 P 32 CRAIN Brooke USA 39.247 +1.065
5 P 469 HERNANDEZ Stefany VEN 40.371 +2.189
6 P 68 BUCHANAN Caroline AUS 42.399 +4.217
7 P 971 VALENTINO Manon FRA 42.888 +4.706
8 P 555 McLEOD Melinda AUS 45.432 +7.250


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